Who We Are

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� (NAPSRx�) is the United States largest trade association for sales reps, sales managers and sales trainers who work in the pharmaceutical industry. NAPSRx� represents sales representatives who work in the pharmaceutical industry and provides Continuing Medical Education to its members as well as candidates who look to enter a pharmaceutical sales career. The NAPSRx� (National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives�) is widely known for its CNPR� Certification Training Program which provides vocational education for individuals looking to enter a pharmaceutical sales career. It is important for aspiring pharmaceutical sales applicants to include their CNPR� Certification on their resume to qualify for interviews. The CNPR� Certification provides necessary job prerequisites, such as: product/industry knowledge; selling guidelines and regulations; medical terminology; pharmaceutical selling techniques; drug sampling; physician detailing; introduction to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. The CNPR� Certification Program is available by correspondence directly through the NAPSRx� or can also be taken at over 300 universities/colleges in the United States.

NAPSRx� Mission Summary:

In addition, the NAPSRx� also is involved with many of the industries conferences, conventions, lobbies on bills and regulations initiated by Congress and state legislatures. It is important that Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives stay current with FDA regulations, pharmaceutical legal issues, all new clinical research, understand the pharmacodynamics of your and your competitor's products, as well as business and related practices. The NAPSRx� has initiated continuing education for all its CNPR� Certified Graduates (Certified National Pharmaceutical Representatives� ). The certified representative must take part in 20 hours of professional development or training experiences in each 2-year period after certification. Visit the various links on our website to learn more about continuing education and how to meet this requirement.

The NAPSRx� CNPR� Certification - Entry Level Training Program is the nation's leading service for training non-experienced pharmaceutical sales rep. The NAPSRx� has been highly recommended by pharmaceutical companies to the many individuals who are looking to break into the pharmaceutical sales. The program educates aspiring pharmaceutical sales reps on clinical pharmacology, medical terminology, rules and regulations for selling pharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, etc. Successful graduates of the NAPSRx� program will have access to our Career Center where pharmaceutical companies post openings for our members and graduates. If you are looking to gain entry into the industry, the NAPSRx� is the place to start. If you have any questions just email us at questions@napsronline.org.

Our National Advisory Board and professional trainers have gained valuable experience from companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, Aventis, Abbot Laboratories, Forest Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth, TAP, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson &Johnson amongst many other major pharmaceutical companies. This expertise allows the NAPSRx� to monitor, train and educate successfully.

NAPSRx� Staff

Steven Neece
Chief Operating Officer
Marilyn Medina
Marketing & Education Manager
Rhonda Dierberg
Career Center Director
JoAnn DeGrazio
CNPR Education Coordinator
Stephanie Richter
Membership Service