Corporate Relations

Today, long-term customer relationships are becoming more competitive to establish. Physicians and customers have a more difficult decision who to talk with. Which company and product really provides the best results and value? How will companies and representatives form the business relationships necessary for growth?

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� educates its participants how to form interpersonal relationships in a wide spectrum of workplace situations. We also have an excellent team of PharmD�s and scientific staff members which can provide technical training for your sales team. Your sales team also will learn how to manage sales activity levels, value proposition selling and customer care skills.

The training focuses on the principles of relationship building. The participants gain insight in understanding the customer�s implied intentions. The results enhance the individual�s ability to bring real value to their clients.

How much of a difference does the NAPSRx� training make? A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Protecting the existing customer base
  • Getting more out of your �productive� staff
  • Holding the bottom line.

IF YOUR COMPANY IS INTERESTED IN RECEIVING CORPORATE TRAINING PLEASE EMAIL US AT or by calling the Training Department at 1-800-284-1060 x 106