Why Choose Sales Training from the NAPSRx�?

The NAPSRx� provides customized training seminars to pharmaceutical companies and individuals across the US to help pharmaceutical sales reps become more productive in their communication with physicians. Through the implementation of our sales systems we help your sales staff to increase top line revenue.

We will help you to accomplish these goals by aiding you in building a Strategic Sales Organization while integrating and strengthening your identification of strategic sales management opportunities and directing those insights into an in depth analysis of your sales forces alignment with your customer�s procurement process. We have helped other companies optimize their strategies for selling. By helping you to develop a winning business strategy your sales organization will positively change your relationship with your customers into that of life long business partners.

Sales Training

  1. Laying the Success Foundation - Recognize your personal goals/needs. Embracing the potential for overachievement.
  2. Prospecting - Evaluating your prospects. Efficiency with your activity that perpetually fills your sales pipeline.
  3. Objections/Prospects' Concerns - Understanding and resolving your customers concerns.
  4. The "Initial Sales Call" - Evaluates the initial presentation, needs analysis, survey techniques and securing the "next step".
  5. Product/Services Presentation - Ability to significantly differentiate between you and your competition. Value added techniques.
  6. Solution/Proposal Presentation - Designing customer focused solutions for greater added value.
  7. Winning the Sales - Closing the deal.
  8. Return of Effort - Owning your own calendar. Working smart and utilizing technology.
  9. Teleprospecting - Effective use of initial benefit statements. Greater confidence in providing unique selling propositions.
  10. Managing Change and Conflict - Learn effective coaching techniques. Working with elephants.