NAPSRx� Sales Leadership Programs

Whether you are just discovering the impact of leadership or you are an experienced leader now, NAPSRx�'s Management Leadership Program can assist you in becoming a better leader.

In NAPSRx�'s management course seminar, participants develop leadership techniques to measure their influence, the laws of magnetism and giving power to others. We also focus on appraising activity versus accomplishment, buying into vision and how to create true leadership "legacies".

What's more, the training incorporates self-assessing role plays designed to teach, when to lead and when to win, through multiple team situations.

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� is dedicated to enhancing the lives of sales and management professionals and increased profits on the bottom line.

The NAPSRx� recommends a strategic conversation with one of our sales trainers that explores your leadership model, the competencies you associate with leadership and the business results your leaders are expected to produce. The conversation also clarifies where your organization is today versus your leadership model and seeks to identify the gaps in leadership skill sets and development that are preventing your organization from achieving the desired outcomes. At this stage we also what metrics to use to determine the success of any intervention.

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Business Improvement Discussion For:
Leadership Development


  1. To properly assess your group to determine what their real needs are as well as gain their insights.
  2. To get their involvement into the process. We ask for their feedback and then design a program that includes not only the management team's perceived needs but also their own needs. We've learned that people will support a world they help to create. Essentially, their involvement drives their commitment.
  3. To conduct an assessment to pinpoint areas where training will have the most dramatic impact on their performance.
  4. To check to make sure the chemistry is right between your organization and ours. If they enjoy our process, they will be more excited to be part of the training.
  5. To give us the opportunity to put together a meaningful training recommendation because we have earned the right.

Followers can become leaders and leaders become great.

Strong companies today are looking for all the strongest leaders they can find.

Today, that is what smart business is all about.