NAPSRx� Management Assessment Services

Enhance your management capability with the NAPSRx�'s Management Assessment Services. We help you incorporate best practices into your business processes and management strategies to ensure you meet your goals and mission.

Management Concepts experts work with you to improve organizational effectiveness through our comprehensive assessment process, which includes:

The NAPSRx� series of performance assessments help improve your employee, team, and organizational functioning.

Management Training

  1. Embracing Leadership Qualities: The greater the impact, the greater the influence. Personal and organizational effectiveness.
  2. High Impact Decision Making Skills: Embracing leadership "intuition". Looking through leadership eyes.
  3. Managing Corporate Change and Conflict: Creating a transfer of power. How to facilitate a "buy-in", then vision.
  4. Tactical Planning: Design action plans that can actually be implemented. Measuring lasting value as success.
  5. Overachieving Performance Goals: Moving priorities forward. Leading leaders. Accountability and ownership.
  6. Encouraging and Developing: Embracing staff development. Recognize the need for employees to outrun your success.
  7. Effective Communication: Establish the "communication" parameters. Leadership intuition. Evaluating verbal vs nonverbal exchange.
  8. Coaching: Create time and field development techniques. Learn how to more effectively appraise and motivate.
  9. Recruiting and Performance Reviews: Developing the "profile" candidate. Helping others build the "Success Chain".