How it works

2013 CNPR� (Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative�)

Correspondence Training Program

Students can work at their own pace and from home!!! Recommended to students who are currently working full time.

  1. NAPSRx� student registers through ORDER NOW page at or by calling 800-284-1060.
  2. NAPSRx� student pays for the Training Program and submits information.
  3. The Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual is shipped to students with Username and Password for access to Members Section of website.
  4. The NAPSRx� student studies Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual and other materials at their own pace.
  5. Student can submit questions on training material to and receives answers by email.
  6. Student can take practice quizzes to make sure that they are absorbing the training material well enough to pass the CNPR� examination. There are 8 practice quizzes available.
  7. When NAPRx� student feels comfortable with the Pharmaceutical Industry terms and information in Training Manual, they can register for the certification test online. Test will be administered online and must be completed within 2 hours. Your score will be immediately displayed upon submission of the test.

If NAPSRx� student passes the test, an official CNPR� certificate with certification number will be mailed to student.

NAPSRx� student should immediately list Certification on their resume and submit to pharmaceutical companies through Career Center.

If you have questions just email us today at or order the training by correspondence today through the NAPSRx� website.