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This NAPSRx� training is up-to-date sales training for the pharmaceutical industry and we train experienced reps as well as applicants looking to break into the industry. Trainees have the choice of taking our training through over 300 colleges and universities or by correspondence study directly through the NAPSRx�. The NAPSRx also provides an up-to-date Career Center, industry news, CME (Continuing Medical Education), medical journal updates, recent clinical research, local meeting, conventions, conferences, Job Listings, and recruiter contacts to our over 70,000 pharmaceutical sales rep and CNPR graduate members.

CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL REPS � We would like to introduce you to the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� (NAPSRx�) as we look forward to assisting you. As a trade association for pharmaceutical sales representatives our goal is to make your job easier, provide continuing education, inform you on current industry news and also encourage networking with other pharma reps. Presently we are currently conducting a membership drive and would like to personally invite you to a free 3 month trial membership. All you need to do is to fill out a form by clicking the button below and we will email you a username and password with instructions on how to best utilize the site.

CANDIDATES WHO WANT TO BREAK INTO PHARMACEUTICAL SALES - Upon successful completion of the training each student will receive the Certification Mark of the CNPR�. The CNPR� represents a level of industry achievement and a demonstrated knowledge of pharmacology, medical terminology, pharmaceutical selling guidelines, physician selling techniques and industry standards. Pharmaceutical sales candidates who have this training will differentiate themselves from other individuals looking for open positions. CNPR� graduates should immediately utilize the NAPSRx� Career Center to apply for pharmaceutical sales positions.

When pharmaceutical companies look at applicants who have no experience as a pharmaceutical sales rep they look for a combination of sales ability/experience and medical/pharmacology education. It is important to include both types of skills on your resume. The CNPR� program was designed to provide aspiring pharmaceutical sales vocational skills that pharmaceutical employers seek. The program provides training in clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical selling rules, regulations, drug distribution channels, therapeutic drug classes, pharmacokinetics, etc. A pharmaceutical sales rep cannot successfully sell to physicians without having strong pharmacology/medical knowledge.

ADVERTISE WITH THE NAPSRx� - We are the most influential and popular pharmaceutical sales rep association in the United States. If you want to reach over 70,000 current pharmaceutical sales representatives, this website is the place to advertise. The website is for our thousands of pharmaceutical sales rep members and for our pharmaceutical sales job seekers. We provide our members with research links, message boards, articles, medical journals, FDA news, detailed therapeutic information, newsletters, a career center, drug alerts and more. We currently receive over 125,000 unique visitors every month!

CORPORATE TRAINING - The NAPSRx� provides customized training seminars to pharmaceutical companies and individuals across the US to help pharmaceutical sales reps become more productive in their communication with physicians. Through the implementation of our sales systems we help your sales staff to increase top line revenue.

You will find a handful of books that promote the benefits of pharmaceutical sales and walk you through the ins and outs of resume preparation and job interviews. However, you will not discover a more effective training program or pharmaceutical sales training manual than what is offered by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives�. The NAPSRx� does not recommend utilizing any programs that you cannot contact directly by phone. The NAPSRx� can be reached at the below toll free phone number. If you are a serious candidate looking to get into pharmaceutical sales it is vital to obtain industry and product knowledge. We look forward to hearing from you.


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