CNPR� Certification Program

The NAPSRx� has developed a program to educate candidates so that they will be able to differentiate themselves from other candidates. The majority of entry level candidates do not know enough about the pharmaceutical industry, drug patents, FDA regulations, CDER regulations, laws governing the pharmaceutical industry, the anatomy, pharmaceutical terms and abbreviations, drug sampling rules, effective physician selling skills, who to contact at pharmaceutical companies, general interview questions, etc.

Are you being passed over for pharmaceutical sales openings?

Qualified or aspiring pharmaceuitcal sales applicants should be familiar with clinical pharmacology, medical terminology, plus rules and regulations for selling pharmaceuticals to effectively sell to healthcare professionals. Applicants who have no previous pharmaceutical sales experience but who have acquired industry sales training, pharmaceutical product knowledge, managed care guidelines plus selling regulations will always be more qualified versus others without it. No successful pharmaceutical sales professional will be successful unless they have to up-to-date pharmaceutical industry education and product knowledge. Our association provides vocational pharmaceutical sales education (CNPR� Certification) that candidates add to their resume to attract pharmaceutical employers and qualify for pharmaceutical sales interviews.

The NAPSRx� has created the CNPR� Certification Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual which includes everything you will need to know to separate yourself from other candidates. Although there are currently some independent books on the market; they do not compare to the systematic, technical and quality approach provided by the NAPRx�. Once a candidate has thoroughly reviewed our Training Manual, they have the option of scheduling for the CNPR� examination. Once the candidate passes the examination, they will be awarded the CNPR� Certification.

Just passing the examination alone will increase your knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and your marketability.

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