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We are excited that you are interested in membership to the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives�. We hope to service, educate and inform you throughout your career in the pharmaceutical industry. We are the most influential and popular pharmaceutical sales rep association in the United States. Our database currently has over 70,000 current pharmaceutical sales representatives. Our training programs are highly respected in the pharmaceutical industry. Our CNPR� program educates candidates who are looking to break into a career in pharmaceutical sales. All graduates with membership will have access to thousands of job listings in our Career Center. Pharmaceutical employers pay recruitment advertising fees as they look to interview and hire our graduates/members.

The website is for our thousands of pharmaceutical sales rep members and for our CNPR� graduates. We provide our members with research links, a career center, message boards, articles, medical journals, FDA news, detailed therapeutic information, newsletters, drug alerts and more. We currently receive over 125,000 unique visitors every month.

In our CNPR� Verification area, pharmaceutical companies can verify whether an individual has passed the CNPR� examination and the date passed. We appreciate the feedback from the pharmaceutical industry and from our advisory board who assist in the makeup of the Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual and the CNPR� program/examination.

2013 Premium Package now includes 12 issues (monthly) of Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine! Circulation to over 70,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives!

Who is the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives�? The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� is a network of pharmaceutical industry professionals focused on advancing the development of pharmaceutical sales representatives. Through training programs and services offered across the country, we strive to support pharmaceutical reps throughout their career life cycle � from intern to management. The mission of our Advisory Board is to serve and support our affiliates in providing networking forums and professional development for their members.

The pharmaceutical sales profession has changed dramatically in the past decade. In today�s dynamic workplace, pharmaceutical sales professionals are expected to add effective marketing campaigns to their companies. In addition to managing a territory, reps are expected to contribute to key organizational challenges, improving productivity and quality, improving the ability of an organization to bring new products to market, and to continuously improve the company�s return on its greatest asset...its sales force.

Let the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� be your career partner!

A Message from our Executive Director: Welcome members and guests to the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� website!

As the Executive Director, I would like to thank you for your support and interest. The purpose of our association is to assist you to CONNECT, EXCEL & LEAD in your role as a professional pharmaceutical sales rep or your pursuit of this career . As a member, you have an exciting opportunity to advance your pharmaceutical industry knowledge through various educational programs and our membership . The industry information we provide are invaluable to those directly involved as pharmaceutical sales representatives as well as to those who provide services in this profession.

Through the outstanding training programs and up to date information offered by our association, you have the opportunity to excel in the field of pharmaceutical sales by continuously expanding your knowledge in this ever-changing field. Our members section provides on-going pertinent and cutting edge topics to enable you to be a valuable contributor to your organization. Also, through the knowledge and skills you acquire as an active member you have the opportunity to lead others in your organization or company.

Our organization is currently comprised of thousands of pharmaceutical sales reps and job seekers spread across the United States. Our success has continued to expand this past year. We have many objectives and goals for this coming year to improve your membership benefits and the value of our organization, which include; offering new and interesting professional development opportunities, building more extensive committees at the National level and improving the capability of our website. This summer we are holding our National conference meeting in Miami, FL. At this time, we will continue to plan and fine tune our strategic objectives for this coming year.

Now is your chance to be a part of the excitement and rewards! I am proud and honored to serve as Executive Director. I look forward to continue to build upon the past successes of this great association.

With Warm Regards, Suzanne Neece

CNPR� Accredited Training

The CNPR� Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program is offered by correspondence/online through the NAPSRx� or through 300 colleges nationwide, including:

Ohio State University
University of Texas
University of Alabama
University of Georgia
University of Arkansas
Miami University
Santa Monica College
Bowling Green
Indiana University
California State University
plus hundreds more...

If you are looking for a college nearest you please e-mail us at

If you are seeking a career in pharmaceutical sales it is important to obtain accredited pharmaceutical sales training (CNPR� Certification Program). You can find several books out there will help with your resume and cover letter but will not provide you with the necessary job skill sets that pharmaceutical employers prefer. The NAPSRx� offers accredited entry level pharmaceutical sales training utilized by hundred of colleges and pharmaceutical companies nationwide. The CNPR� program provides candidates with the skills sets that attract pharmaceutical employers and comprehensive industry training which will enhance anyone's pharmaceutical sales career. To effectively detail physicians you need to understand the fundamentals of pharmacology as well as some understanding of the medical industry. The NAPSRx� (CNPR� Program) is presented in a way that is easy to comprehend while being user friendly. If you are looking to enter a new career in pharmaceutical sales make your job search become much easier by acquiring the skills sets sought after by pharmaceutical companies and obtain your CNPR� as soon as possible.