Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of individuals who have experience and expertise in pharmaceutical sales with the majority being promoted to management positions. The Advisory Board provides acts as a consulting group bringing ideas and training tools from almost all of the major pharmaceutical companies. All of NAPSRx's� Advisory Board members are experienced pharmaceutical sales professionals.


Dr. Mickey Smith (Pharmacia, University of Mississippi)

Nancy Hamric (Sanofi-Aventis)

Ivan Bosques (Merck)

Gail Kim (Eli Lilly)

Berkley Harmon III (GlaxoSmithKline)

Cindy May (Bristol Myers Squibb)

Is it worth the investment of my time and money to become �certified� for pharmaceutical sales?

The program is for only serious candidates who want to get into pharmaceutical sales. If you earn a CNPR� Certification the pharmaceutical companies understands you want to be in their field and have obtained the required knowledge to work in the industry. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� (NAPSRx�) strives to provide the most comprehensive training program in the pharmaceutical industry and is recognized as such. The CNPR� Certification program should be considered as your educational program towards helping you in your career transition into pharmaceutical sales. So you need to ask yourself what is it worth to you to gain entry into this growth industry which could lead to a six figure salary.

As a rule, older people have more health problems than younger people, so with the U.S. aging population, the market for pharmaceuticals is growing rapidly. There are more drugs being brought to market requiring the hiring of thousands of new pharmaceutical reps every year. Many of the large pharmaceutical companies will continue launching blockbuster drugs that will enhance and extend the quality of life for many. In short, you can be confident that there will always be jobs for pharmaceutical sales representatives.

Pharmaceutical sales is different than other industries as you will encounter a large amount of technical information, but you are actually expected to know it. There will become a time in the field when you must know it, because some physician will probably question you about it. You are expected to articulate your knowledge so that it makes sense when your sales manager or a highly educated physician asks you about it. The NAPSRx� CNPR� training program will really help you in qualifying for pharmaceutical sales openings and the association can aid your job search through the NAPSRx� Career Center.

CNPR�� Can it help me?

You will find a handful of books that promote the benefits of pharmaceutical sales and walk you through the ins and outs of resume preparation and job interviews. However, you will not discover a more effective training program or sales training manual than what is offered by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives�. The NAPSRx� training is a definitive manual on pharmaceutical selling and industry knowledge for the beginner and the novice. The CNPR� training captures the essence of the prescription drug marketplace in the new century and is the most respected entry level training program in the industry.

It also reflects the needs of the tens of thousands of physicians and other healthcare professionals who interact with pharmaceutical sales representatives on a daily basis. The 2013 NAPSRx� Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual provides an applicant with the �jump start� that any serious candidate should possess and that all pharmaceutical sales managers love to see. The manual should also be kept as a permanent reference source to help keep you on track throughout your pharmaceutical sales career.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry Overview
  • Major Product and Therapeutic Categories
  • Benefits of a Healthy Drug Industry
  • The FDA�s role in the industry
  • Laws enforced by the FDA
  • Hatch-Waxman
  • Regulatory Compliance in Drug Labeling and Promotion
  • Medicare/Medicaid issues.
  • Research and Development of New Drugs
  • Stages and Timeline of New Drug Development
  • Clinical Trials
  • Patent/Patent Extensions
  • Generic Drugs
  • US Drug Distribution Channels
  • Manufacture/Distributor Relationships
  • Government Reimbursement Programs
  • Drug Discount Cards
  • Group Purchasing Organizations

  • Territory Planning and Information Gathering
  • Importance of Call Planning and Record Keeping
  • Appointment Calls/Impromptu Calls
  • Strategies for Appointment Only & No See Offices
  • Waiting and Down Time Strategies
  • Sales Brochures & Support Literature
  • Selling New Products vs. Established Products
  • Sampling Rules in Hospitals
  • Commenting on Competitive Products
  • Effective Sample Positioning
  • Citing Clinical Studies and Trials in a Presentation
  • Closing Sales
  • Exhibit Preparation
  • What Sales Manager�s Expect
  • Communication with District/Regional Managers