A (CNPR� Certification) is a federally certification mark conferred by the pharmaceutical industry trade group--National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives� (NAPSRx�) for those who want to gain entry into a pharmaceutical sales career. The CNPR� Certification training program and examination is dedicated to providing vocational education to those individuals looking to enter a career in pharmaceutical sales. The goal of the CNPR� Certification training program is to educate applicants so that they meet job requirements in clinical pharmacology, physiology and medical terminology. This education and knowledge will greatly increase an individuals understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its selling process as well as enhance an applicants hiring potential.

The purpose of the CNPR� Certification is to prepare candidates for a career in pharmaceutical sales as well as to make sure that they meet job requirements which will lead to an interview process with the hiring pharmaceutical companies. All pharmaceutical sales representatives need to be familiar with:

The NAPSRx� understands how technical the pharmaceutical selling process is. Our Advisory Board of pharmaceutical industry experts recognizes the challenges encountered in the day to day activity of selling to physicians and how they expect you to provide all of the clinical and pharmacology answers they have about your product and also your competitors product. The college accredited CNPR� Certification training program is designed to not only prepare pharmaceutical sales candidates for a career in pharmaceutical sales but to make applicants qualified for pharmaceutical sales rep job openings.

CNPR� Certified members must agree to uphold the NAPSRx� Standards of Ethical Practices and Certification Program Rules. The CNPR� Certification examination requires the candidate to demonstrate comprehensive knowledge in federal regulations and industry knowledge applicable to the pharmaceutical industry. The objective of the CNPR� program is to set standards accepted within the profession which will assure the public that our organization acts as a merit to the pharmaceutical sales industry.


2013 CNPR� Examination

The CNPR� Certification examination can be taken at any time after you have purchased the test. After you have purchased the test, you will be able to register for the test on the NAPSRx� website and can also take the test online. After completion of your test, you will be able to view your score immediately after submission. If you pass the test, a CNPR� certificate of achievement with your certification number will be mailed to you within 2 weeks. Employers can use this number to verify your membership and examination status using our Online Verification System. If you happen to fail the test the first time, you can retake it for a fee of $39.00, after a 2 week waiting period.

The test can be taken online at anytime from your home computer and it will be a 2 hour timed test. A student must study the manual thoroughly and know all terminology to be able to pass the examination in the required allotted time. The manual can be used as a reference during the examination. However, a student who is not properly prepared will not be able to complete all 160 questions in the time allowed. (Note: The 2 hour time limit means that you have 120 minutes to complete the CNPR Certification exam once you login into the exam. The CNPR Certification exam is considered open book but you have approximately 40 seconds per question so to pass the exam you need to read the question and answer to successfully pass. This insures the industry that you have properly acquired the knowledge. There is a 2 year window in which you have to take the test after purchasing it.) Please click the "Topics" button to the left of this page to view the topics on the exam. Please email us at questions@napsronline.org for questions about the test.


Test Duration: 2 hours (Timer can be seen at bottom-left of test form.)
Test Format: 160 questions - Multiple Choice, T/F
Required Passing Percentage: 80%