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16thCNPR Training Manual

Manual: 418 Pages

Practice quizzes

CNPR Examination: 160 questions (Web based timed exam of 120 minutes/ or 45 seconds per question)

Total Packet includes: NAPSRx Career Center plus 1 year membership to NAPSRx

CNPR Training Manual

Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine

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  • Keep current with industry new, trends, opportunities
  • Review and study feature stories on pharmaceutical industry
  • Find comprehensive continuing education articles
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Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine

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I understand that I am purchasing the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training program to prepare for the CNPR Certification.   I understand that there is no guarantee of receiving certification and/or employment in the pharmaceutical industry by completing the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training program.  The CNPR comes with a 14 day return policy.  To take advantage of the return policy I will email the NAPSRX within 14 days of purchase to request a refund and return the training manual to NAPSRX immediately upon refund request.  NAPSRX shall solely own all right, title and interest in and to any intellectual property created in conjunction with the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training program hereunder (“Work Product”). To the extent I acquire any rights to the Work Product by operation of law or otherwise, I hereby assigns to NAPSRX all right, title and interest in and to such Work Product.  Further, I also agree to accept emails from the NAPSRx of any kind.  I understand I may opt out of receiving emails at any time by requesting same in any future emails received.   NAPSRx makes no warranties, whether express, implied, or statutory regarding or relating to the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training program, Training Services, Training Materials, Work Product, or any other materials or services furnished or provided to Recipient under this Agreement, and disclaims any implied warranties to same.  I understand that The CNPR Program is not available to residents of Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Colorado.  By accepting these terms, I agree that I am not a resident of Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota or Colorado at the time of purchase, nor do I plan to relocate or am I anticipating that I will relocate to one of these States within six (6) months of purchase.  Any purchase made by an individual whose credit card billing address or delivery address in Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota or Colorado will be immediately cancelled. Further, I agree that I am not purchasing the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training program for any other individual that resides in Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota or Colorado.  All users herein agree not to replicate, duplicate, copy, trade, sell, resell, for any commercial reason any part, use of any of the NAPSRx programs or website material.