The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPSRx®) is a trade association for pharmaceutical sales reps, sales managers and sales trainers who work in the pharmaceutical industry. NAPSRx® provides Continuing Medical Education to its members as well as CNPR® Certification to candidates who look to enter a pharmaceutical sales career. Other services include Career Center, recruiter contacts, national conventions, sales conferences, local meetings, lobbying, Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine, job listings, newsletters and more.

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Order CNPR® Training

CNPR® Certification helps applicants qualify for a pharmaceutical sales career.

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Break Into Pharmaceutical Sales

Obtain CNPR® Certification, utilize NAPSRx® Career Center tools, thousands of job postings available, meet requirements, resume assistance, etc.

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Current Sales Representatives

Presently we are amidst a membership drive and would like to personally invite you to a free 3 month trial membership. Our website will provide you with a plethora of industry information.

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NAPSRx® Career Center

Whether you are looking to get a start in the pharmaceutical sales industry—or are a seasoned pharmaceutical sales professional looking for the opportunity to do more and be more— careers are available in the NAPSRx® Career Center.

Explore opportunities!

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What is the NAPSRx®'s Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board consists of individuals who have experience and expertise in pharmaceutical sales with the majority being promoted to management positions. Each pharmaceutical company has its own program for training its pharmaceutical sales management/staff force. All of NAPSRx®’s Advisory Board are experienced pharmaceutical sales professionals

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Qualify for a new Pharmaceutical Sales Career

If you are an entry level candidate for pharmaceutical sales positions it is important to meet the employer requirements to successfully obtain interviews. Industry recruiters and human resource professionals look for applicants with pharmacology and science education. The CNPR® training and certification provides such education which will lead to meeting minimum pharmaceutical sales requirements.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Company Links / Applications

The NAPSRx® has provided company application links to assist applicants and pharmaceutical companies in the hiring process. Please use these free links, to get complete job listings and access to over 168 pharma companies use the NAPSRx Career Center.

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