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We would like to thank members who have provided us with feedback. We strongly encourage members to provide feedback so please email us at


I want to thank the NAPSR for helping me with my pursuit of a pharmaceutical sales career. The CNPR training was just what I was looking for and certainly was the deciding factor in my interviews. I interviewed with NOVARTIS, GSK, Pfizer and AstraZeneca and just accepted a position with Pfizer. I am sure this would not have happened had I not completed the entry level pharmaceutical sales training offered by the NAPSR. Thanks again for helping me break into pharmaceutical sales.

Jill O, San Diego, CA


I want to add my name to your list of testimonials. I completed your course just recently and since adding the CNPR to my resume which I have since been contacted by several pharmaceutical companies. I am expecting an offer from Merck Pharmaceutical later this week. I just wanted to keep you updated and thank the association for the entry level training.

Gabriele, Grand Rapids, MI


I want to thank the NAPSR for helping me. I was very interested in a career in pharmaceutical sales and your organization helped me with that dream. I work for Sanofi-Aventis thanks to you guys.

Darren, Boynton Beach, FL

Dear Brad:

Please thank everyone at the NAPSR. Your program was exactly what I was looking for and I have accepted a position with KING Pharmaceuticals. The pharmaceutical product knowledge and industry training really made the difference in my interviews with KING Pharma. Thanks again.

Eric, Dallas, TX


Hi. I obtained the CNPR Certfication in the Fall of 2003. I was employed with Pfizer and we have many openings for sales representatives. Your graduates are ideal so please refer all recent certified members.

Amy, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


I am writing to you to let you know that the Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual is purely the work of genius. I was overjoyed with your website and without hesitation I purchased your premium package with NAPSR membership and subscription to the monthly magazines.

I am so excited because I just got my first interview with Merck today, exactly a week after submitting my resume. Your tips on how to write a pharmaceutical sales resume for an entry level applicant was extremely helpful.

I will keep the association updated. You rock!

G.M., Indiana

Since becoming a member of the NAPSR, I have received several interview invitations. Recently, I met with a company who was very impressed with my certification from NAPSR. The coursework that I studied in order to certify with the NAPSR gave me an in-depth knowledge of what it like to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. The district manager that interviewed me gave me the offer over many other well qualified candidates, including those with pharmaceutical sales experience, because of my in-depth knowledge of a field in which I have never worked. Thank you very much NAPSR. I look forward to utilizing you as a continuing education resource for many years to come.


J. Rotz

P.S. Please update me in your database as a current employee (pharmaceutical sales rep) of Innovex-McNeil Pharmaceuticals.

“Please add my name to your success list. I just accepted a sales position with Bayer Pharmaceuticals. You guys helped me so much during the process.”

Robin, Denver, CO

“I want to thank the NAPSR for all of its help. The training and the Career Center helped me land my first job today in the pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer. I cannot explain how happy I am and have just called my best friend to take your course as Pfizer has 2 more openings in my area.”

Tim, Barrington, IL

I want to extend my gratitude to your organization. I am an MBA graduate who has been trying to break into the pharmaceutical industry for 2 years. A lot of hard work and my association with the NAPSR program has finally paid off. I was recently hired as a rep with Glaxo Smith Kline and I couldn't be happier. Your program is a very valuable tool and provides the necessary insight that is required when trying to break into this industry.

Jennifer L., MBA

Currently I am a pharmaceutical sales Rep with ANDRX Pharmaceutical, without the course there is no way I would land the job since it prepared me for the unknown that others fear because they have not taken the course neither passed the test with a 91% score like I did. Thank you for preparing us to face district managers, sales managers or head hunters with the right answers and to give us graduates the assurance to pass on that we are indeed the best candidates.

Eric R., CNPR

"I just heard back from the District Sales Manager who I interviewed with last week. He said I was the most qualified and was very impressed with my pharmacology and medical knowledge. I was surprised because I was nervous that I did not do very well. I start at the end of March. Also, I gave him your number and he will be calling you."

Eric, Salt Lake City, UT

“Thank god I found your program. I have been looking to get into pharmaceutical sales and only did when I completed your program. I just accepted an offer with Merck Pharmaceuticals.”

Julie, Nashville, TN

“Please forward a special thank you to everyone at the NAPSR! I just passed the CNPR last month and just received an offer from Forest Pharmaceuticals.”

Brenda, Raleigh, NC

“I just received an offer from Pan American Labs. Thank you so much.”

Vanessa, Long Beach, CA

“Please forward a special thank you to everyone at the NAPSR! I just passed the CNPR last month and just received an offer from Forest Pharmaceuticals.”

Brenda, Raleigh, NC

“I just received an offer from Pan American Labs. Thank you so much.”

Vanessa, Long Beach, CA

I looked at your webpage. I like your webpage, it is easy to find information. Your sales training program looks great.

Thank You

Thanks for the continued updates on what is going on in the market. You guys are really on top of the game.

Thanks again.

Ted J.

Dear Sir

I am writing to inform that I have just gone through your exams and passed with 92%. I thought that I made it to more than that but I am glad as well that I got my 90%+ that I usually look for in all exams.

I got my bachelor degree in Pharmacy from a foreign school but I found the infos in the mannual very informative, thought provoking and motivative.. I am very passionate about being a source of information and I think that when I start a job in sales, your manual will continue to be my pal

Thank you very much!

I just passed my exam with 93.7% and am very thankful for all the help NAPSR staffs has given me. I now have the knowlege and the confidence i need to market myself in landing the career of my dreams. I am excited in being part of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Thanks again NAPSR staff!

R. Alonzo
Sacramento, CA

Dear Suzanne Neece ~

Thank you for the great information the training manual for pharmeceutical sales has provided to me. I have always been interested in the medical and science fields. When I began looking for a new and exciting career, a friend of mine who has been in pharmaceutical sales for over five years recommended this online course. I passed with a 97! I am ready to start a new season of life in pharmaceutical sales. I will recommend this course to many others. I look forward to utilizing all the interviewing techniques and strategies. I will keep you posted on my success!

Susan F.
Midland, TX

I am writing to let you know that the Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual is purely the work of genius, and your website is marvelous. I stumbled onto your website by guess work through google, when I decided to initiate a career transition from nursing management to pharmaceutical sales. I was over joyed when I got into the website, without hesitation I purchased your premium package of NAPSR membership, the manual, and subscription into your monthly magazines.

I have a vast source of information from the combination of the magazine, website and manual. I took my test on new years eve and passed with 96% after studying for a week. Passing the test was the 1st resolution for the new year, the second was to land a good job using the skills learned.

I am so excited because I just got through my first interview with Pfizer today, exactly a week after submitting my resume. Your tips on how to write a pharmaceutical sales resume for an entry level was extremely helpful.

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my 1st resolution for 2006, and for making me the happiest girl in the world today. I will keep you updated. I have recommended your association and manual to 4 people already including family. You rock!


Gladys M.
Indianapolis IN

Dear “Contact”,

I have been receiving your job alert in the last 2+ months. I will continue to recommend this site for those persons in the Pharma sales field.

Linda W.

I just wanted to thank you for this organization. This is a field that I have wanted to get into for 10 years now and I simply haven't been able to. I have over 5 years experience in a pharmacy so I am familiar with some terminology but I want to be fully prepared. As soon as I can, I'm getting the full packet. I can't wait to get started.

Thank you again,
Vinita, OK

To Whom it may concern:

I am not sure to whom I should address this email. Yet I want to state how very please I am with the program. It is very educating and well written. I have been a member since 2003 in which time I started applying for entry level pharmaceutical positions.

Again Thanks
Bonnie W.

The course is awesome!!!! I'm really more convinced it's what I want to pursue in the healthcare field.

Christine R.

Dear Napsr,

I researched your company and I am very impressed with what I saw. I feel the right company can lead me to unimaginable heghts and you guys are it! I would love to get a reply with further information and necessary steps to enqiure about future employment.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Eric D.

First, I would like to tell you how informative I have found the sales training manual, I have really gained valuable information regarding the pharmaceutical industry.

Thank You
Medora H.

I am very interested in pharmaceutical sales and looking at your website and researching this field. This is something I am really looking forward to, I will be graduating July 2005 and I am so nervous by entering the Real World. By reading the testimonials, I can really see that there is success in this. Thanks for inspiring me to want to do this.


Dear Human Resource Department:

Your company’s website truly caught my Eye! When I read the background information on your company, I thought to myself, "This sounds like the successful company that I would enjoy being a part of.”

Respectfully yours,
Amanda S.

Thank you so much for the weekly job alerts it really helps me out.

Nicole K.


I would like to thank you for the emails I've been receiving for pharmaceutical companies that have been hiring.

Thank You

Hello NAPSR,

Recently, I took the certification exam and passed. Now, I have begun to apply to several companies and am awaiting their response. I found the study material very helpful and believe that it will give me greater confidence in the job search process.

Thank you again for your training program. I truly believe that it will be very helpful in my job search. Please feel free to use any of my comments. Hopefully, I'll soon be letting you know of my positive results in my job search


Thanks for all the updates. I passed my test and getting ready to apply to several companies.


“I want to thank the NAPSR for all of its help. The training and the Career Center helped me land my first job today in the pharmaceutical industry with Pfizer. I cannot explain how happy I am and have just called my best friend to take your course as Pfizer has 2 more openings in my area.”

Tim, Barrington, IL

"I just wanted to thank you and tell others that this program is a wise investment. I recently took the exam and scored a 99%. Since passing the exam I have been receiving calls from companies wanting interviews. Most importantly, the certification and training has given me the confidence that I was lacking before. Thanks again."

Amy H., AR.

"To All at NAPSR,

Thank you all for your help! I greatly appreciate all of your help and patience. I am very excited to begin my new path in life with your help at NAPSR! Please feel free to continuously send me updated information. I love to read on the latest testimonials as well as any updated information in the pharmaceutical field. Health care is a love and passion for me and I am privileged to have this opportunity again. Also, I would love to include each and every one who has helped me in my own personal testimonial.

Thank you once again for all of your help! I will keep you updated on my forthcoming endeavors."

Michelle H.

"I am so glad I discovered this training course before I applied to any
pharmaceutical companies. After studying the training manual for 3 weeks, I
took the certification exam and received a score of 100%! I now feel more
confident and prepared for the pharmaceutical career fairs I will be
attending this week."

Kim S.
Long Beach, CA.

"I sincerely appreciate your quick response to my questions on the course
material and such. I think it is a great thing, and will be looking further
into the course in the very near future.

Thanks again!"

Forrest C.

"Dear NAPSR,

I would like to thank you for my pharmaceutical training. I think the information given was very informative. I have been very happy with my training.

Thank you,
Tressa K.

"I am a frequent visitor to your web site which I find extremely informative and educational.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Theresa S.

"Good morning,

I just discovered your website today. This is an awesome association and as a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, I was really encouraged to learn of your existence.

Keep up the good work..

L. Maxwell

"I want to thank you for the opportunity to learn more about the Pharmaceutical Sales environment. Your manual was interesting as well as informative, I couldn't put it down. I've always been fascinated with this field of work and never thought it was possible to break into "Pharmaceutical Sales" but after passing the examination with 91% I was elated that I'm one step closer to acquiring my dream career. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the individuals who has worked hard to become a certified member of this wonderful organization.

Keep up the good work, and I would recommend your sales manual to anyone looking to break into Pharmaceutical Sales.

P.S.: I have added my certification to my resume, and I will keep you informed to my outcome.

Thanks again and God Bless!!
B. Barnett

"Thank you so much for your response and insight. I look forward to working with this organization to assist me in my transition."

M. Goff

"Without your tips on how to write a resume for the pharmaceutical industry and the key words that the pharma companies look for I do not think I would have been called for the interview. My whole family thanks you. I have referred two friends to you. Thanks again."

Anna, Rockford, IL

"I just heard back from the District Sales Manager who I interviewed with last week. He said I was the most qualified and was very impressed with my pharmacology and medical knowledge. I was surprised because I was nervous that I did not do very well. I start at the end of March. Also, I gave him your number and he will be calling you."

Eric, Salt Lake City, UT

“I recommend your pharmaceutical sales training course to all the recruits. I am so impressed with level of pharmacology education and training that the CNPR candidates possess.”

Carol W.,

“We look to the NAPSR when we look to hire hundreds of reps.”

Lisa, Sanofi-Synthelabo Pharmaceuticals

I wanted to thank you for the great information in your course.

Todd C.

Thank you so much and I did learn so much from the information in the periodical and by completing the exam. And I am very excited and confident about continuing my search for a position with a Pharmaceutical Company.

Thank you,
Denise S.

I want to tell you how excited studying this manual has made me about the
pharmaceutical industry. I have been reading/studying for about three weeks
and I am getting to the point where I am going to be ready to take the test
in a couple of weeks.


The reason I decided to become certified is because someone else in my company did the same thing and the company really was impressed that she went above and beyond her normal job requirements and got the certification. I know the company looks at it very positively. This person was highlighted in our newsletter for her accomplishment. Soooo, you should toot the horn for not only beginner sales reps but as an adjunct learning for the experienced rep. Just thought you might enjoy hearing that! I am looking forward to my learning experience!

Martha W.

Thanks for your help with this and I will keep you posted on how
things turn out. I do want to let everyone there know that this training
program was a great motivator and a real eye opener to what the industry was
all about.


David L.
EMR Premier Support Analyst
Misys Healthcare Systems

I just wanted to say, thank you. I had interviewed with a few pharmaceutical companies and I was always the second-best candidate. Since I joined NAPSR and took the certification last month I contacted some of the companies with whom I had initially interviewed. I got a call back and an offer without even having to interview again! I start my new position selling to two industry-leading products next week.


Shawn O., CNPR
Reading, PA

I just passed the certification exam with a 95%. The knowledge I now have regarding the pharmaceutical industry is going to set me apart from the other candidates! What a great investment. I feel confident that I will land the position I want! Thanks so much for the intensive crash course in pharmaceutical sales!

Louisville, KY


Your site and organization look amazing!

Best regards.
Perm P.

I graduated last month from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.S.
in Chemistry. The past month I have been actively seeking employment as a
pharmaceutical sales representative. I have found how competitive the
industry is so I ordered you certification program. I received the manual
last week and just completed the exam today passing with a 97%! The manual
is full of educational and insightful information pertaining to the
industry. I am positive that completion of your program will make my resume
stand out from the competition and that I will soon be receiving the
interviews I have been hoping for. I can not thank you enough for this
wonderful program that you have made available to people such as myself. I
truly believe that this was a very wise investment towards my future career.
Thanks again!

Pamela van B.

Attention Suzanne Neece,

My name is Siva and I moved to America 3 years ago. I have 7 years of experience as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in Malaysia. I joined NAPSR a few months ago recommended by a Pharmaceutical company I applied through. For the past 3 years, I have done everything in my power to return to this line of work but can't get my foot in the door because I have no Bachelors Degree.

After taking the course with NAPSR, I realized the training tools you provide are phenomenal! I think about all the medical reps in Malaysia and how much they lack the knowledge that is provided by your company. If they had the chance to take a course with NAPSR, they would go so much further in their careers.


Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your assistance!!!

Heidi C.

Thank you for all your help. I greatly appreciate the training material provided. I find it to be very useful in my training for certification!

Michelle H.


Thank you very much for offering your training course. I found it to be a
perfect match for my sales background, and it was strong proof to all of my
potential employers of my dedication to landing a position as a
pharmaceutical sales representative. Everyone that I interviewed with
expressed what a strong impression it made, and I am confident that my CNPR
Certification was essential to my recent offering. I couldn't recommend
highly enough for anyone in my position that is serious about transitioning
into pharmaceutical sales to take this course. This very well could be the
best investment that I've ever made, and I am proud to recommend this
training course to anyone that wants to break into this industry. Thank you

Christopher M.
Mead Johnson Nutritionals

Good morning,
For giving me the opportunity to advance in the Pharmaceutical Sales Field, I want to truly thank you for the heads up on what recruiters are really looking for.

I have a good sales background with very little knowledge in this field. Now with your help, I can "study to show myself approved" in the sales as well as Pharmaceutical Sales industry.

Thank you!

Kelsey V. C.

I want to personally thank your organization for its extensive and thorough training. I just got hired on with Millenium Pharmaceuticals and the District Manager mentioned how impressed he was with my pharmacology and medical terminology. He said he will always look for CNPR candidates when hiring for his entry level openings.

Thanks again.
Dawn, Raleigh, NC

"I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how impressed I have been with the quality of your CNPR graduates. We have been interviewing for several openings and the applicants who have completed your entry level training program are so knowledgeable about the industry that it is very refreshing to see. I think that most applicants just don’t realize how technical the pharmaceutical industry is. We talk to well educated physicians on a daily basis and every pharmaceutical rep must know their product, clinical studies on the product, pharmacology issues, the pharmacokinetics of the product and more. I will always look for the CNPR when looking at resumes and please use me as a reference for the program."

Rob J., McKesson Pharmaceuticals

Your website has provided me with invaluable information and insight into pharmaceutical sales. Your entry level training program sounds very interesting and something I would like to pursue.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind regards,

I want to thank you for brining confidence to my job search. I studied your sales manual for over a month and took the test on March 21st. I received a 96%. Because of this program I now have the confidence of going into an interview knowing more about the industry. It is my goal to break into pharmaceutical sales and I believe your program has brought me one step closer.

Thank You
R. Venne'

I gladly appreciate the information your company has sent me regarding the pharmaceutical sales business. I have read the interesting information that will make a difference on how I view the business. I was not aware of the equivalent educational background that comes with this position I wish to pursue.

I would like the opportunity to become more in depth with medical research and how the drug breaks down throughout the body and the chemical changes it can cause the body. I gladly appreciate the quick response.

Thank you,
Y. Forney

Dear Sir/Madam,

You have a very impressive website and I will soon join as a member.

Thank you.

T. Lauria

I am willing to do what it takes to become part of the Pharmaceutical
industry. I need a career change and this is what I want to do and worth
competing for.

Thank you,
C. Muniz

I'm so glad to know NAPSR exists. This lucrative industry is often "cloaked" in secrecy as to how to get in. I am grateful you are offering this training and opportunity.

L. Fowler

Good Morning:

I recently took the CNPR exam and passed about a month ago and wanted to thank you because I have been getting interviews.

T. May

I said I would keep you posted so I am. As I stated previously, I took the test on Feb 6. I made it to the final round of interviews with two of the top ten companies. I start training for one of them in the middle of the month! I definitely think that I was blessed to find your program. It gave me the tools necessary to break into the industry, keep up the good work.

Beverly C.

I appreciate the timely feedback from your company. I would like to sincerely thank you for the invaluable information that your books have given me. I personally will write a success story when I have accomplished my goals. From a satisfied customer.

R. Life

Thanks so much for giving me the added assistance I needed to get into the Pharmaceutical Sales field. As advised in your manual, I have been on two "ride alongs" with other reps. They were amazed at how much I knew! I took my exam on Friday, Feb 6. It was a challenging, as it should have been, but I was ready. I passed with a 92%! I received my first call for an interview, Sunday night Feb 8th! I feel like I am armed and ready for the interview, thanks to the your organization. I will keep you posted!

Beverly C.

The information enclosed on your company and the web-site was amazing. It enlightened me not only about your company, but the opportunities that are out there for millions. I just wanted to drop an email to quickly say Thanks again :)

Tara G.

I purchased your material right before Thanksgiving last year. I have been studying off and on, but am very focused now! I have had the opportunity to visit with middle managers of major pharmaceutical companies and am looking forward to the next interview within their management structure.

The information I received from you is pertinent to my future success in the industry. I have numerous years sales and customer relations experience, but I needed the information you have provided to increase my knowledge on the medical side. Thank you so very much for all the information you have put together in these books.

I am scheduled to take the exam next week...I am so excited! Thank you once again for the information. I will keep you abreast to my future endeavor.

Syndie S.

I wouldl like to thank you for the tremendous amount of information any new pharmaceutical sales representative should know by heart. It took me twenty seven hours of study and I aced the test with a 91%. After fifteen and a half year of been one of the top sales executives for the Florida Lottery, a change to the challenging pharmaceutical field is in order. Being a Purdue University B.S. graduate has helped in the interview landing process, but definitely the CNPR title next to my name has helped on several interviews.

Thanks for an outstanding product that if used wisely will change the life's of many sales representatives on year's to come.

Sincerely yours;
Eric R., CNPR

I would recommend NAPSR membership and the entry-level training manual for certification to anyone who is interested getting the best education and information in the pharmaceutical sales field.

I can not thank you enough for calling me back (within 5 minutes) and helping me try to submit my test answers. Thank you for going the extra mile and helping me submit my answers. I also want to thank you for the offer of trying to get the Javascript on my computer to work. You are a true professional and your patience in my frustration was so appreciated. Thank you.

I was also very impressed to receive the manual within two days of my online order. NAPSR is completely "on top of it."

Best Regards,
Janet C.

"Thank you for all the information I have received concerning the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Manual. As it happens, I did purchase this manual last year while surfing the net for information concerning entry into this field. The response I have received from actually emailing my resume has been how important it is to take this test. As a result of this response, I have been studying feverishly and hope to register for this exam very soon.
I am most grateful for all the information you have sent me as I am very serious about becoming a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and will do whatever needs to be done to achieve my goal.
Thank you again."

Sincerely yours,

"Thank you for your response. By the way, an excellent packet with
excellent information."

R. Barlage

"I just completed my certification test. I found it to be challenging as it should be, but very rewarding. As I pressed the submit button, I felt an amazing feeling of confidence that I can now go out there and be considered a qualified pharmaceutical professional with insight into the industry that will give me the competitive advantage I need to succeed. Thank you for helping me reach the next level to a more successful career."

J. Munoz, New Orleans, LA

"Thank you for expediting the package of materials last week.
Also, your training materials were outstanding. There was focus on critical information and issues involving the pharmaceutical industry. I appreciate your help."

F. Kricher, Memphis, TN

"I want to thank you for all of the information that you provided. Yes it helped me land a job. I had your information for only two weeks and was able to get a job with a pharmaceutical company in Toledo, Ohio. Thanks again."

M. Blair

"The books were great. I know how to sell and have great customer relationship skills, the only area I needed improvement in was my knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Now I have It!
Thanks for your help and support."

L. Dewar

more testimonials coming soon...

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