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Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine

A 12-month subscription to Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine is available in our Premium Package!

Pharmaceutical Executive is the industry's leading source of ongoing sales insight and development. It provides the essential skills pharmaceutical sales representatives need to maximize their access and value to healthcare providers. It also enhances the expertise of trainers and managers so they can support the professional growth of their sales force.

Pharmaceutical Executive is the only magazine targeting pharmaceutical sales reps. With a large circulation, Pharmaceutical Executive is the industry's magazine that delivers sales training and education directly to sales representatives, managers, and trainers at leading pharmaceutical companies. If you have not purchased the premium package but still want to obtain Pharmaceutical Executive magazine please email us at for more information.


Beyond the suit
Seven components of the consummate sales professional
by Marjorie Brody

Brand defender
How to protect your market share from generic erosion
by Gwen McLean


The Doctor's World
Friendly or unfriendly?: How an implied hierarchy hurts your interactions
by Neil Berliner

The Clinical Side
Show me the evidence: The birth and spread of evidence-based medicine
by Jane Y. Chin

Frontline Leadership
The letter: When you know you've made an impact
by Joe Renda and Matt Moyer

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