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Qualify for a Career in Pharmaceutical Sales

Qualify for a career in Pharmaceutical Sales and acquire your CNPR Certification.

Developed in response to a rising demand for trained and educated pharmaceutical sales representatives, the nationally online certification and CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training program will provide individuals with the tools to gain entry-level jobs in the industry. Upon registering for the course, students will automatically gain membership with the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives and will become eligible to sit for the CNPR® national certification exam at no additional cost.


“There is a great demand for pharmaceutical sales reps, which means there is an equal need for solid training devices, in short order, this program is vital to all Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives.  Pharmaceutical sales can be a very rewarding career and is certainly one of the top highest paying jobs in the United States, and the first step toward realizing that is completing the CNPR entry level pharmaceutical sales course.”

Even if students lack a formal pharmacology and medical education, the program can ready them and train on pharmacology topics needed for a long and successful career by imparting information regarding general medical terminology, clinical pharmacology, pharmacodynamics, managed care, drug sampling rules, pharmacokinetics, effective selling techniques and more.

Upon completing the course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the industry, including the role of the FDA, drug products and developments, and how to make an effective pharmaceutical sales pitch. Students will also be prepared to take the CNPR certification exam.

“The field is adding 7,000 new jobs this year, and obviously they can’t all be filled by experienced reps, companies will not only be looking to hire professionals who can sell and motivate physicians to buy their brand, but also for someone who can speak intelligently and scientifically about the healthcare industry and its products. The CNPR training is the avenue to gain the knowledge of clinical pharmacology, scientific detailing and medical terminology that is essential to success as a pharmaceutical sales rep as well as qualifying for job openings.”

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives is a trade group with a focus of a training organization for the pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industry. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives represents pharmaceutical sales representatives for the industry and is also heavily involved in helping pharmaceutical sales professionals. The association was initiated to educate, train, create an entry level curriculum as well as provide current information for professional pharmaceutical sales representatives as well as for individuals who want to gain entry into a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep career.

CNPR graduates should mention the training and post their CNPR # on their resume. Pharmaceutical companies prefer to hire candidates with industry knowledge. The CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program provides such industry education and is also available by correspondence directly through the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives. The correspondence course can be ordered directly through this website. The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives looks forward to assisting members throughout their pharmaceutical sales career. If you are looking for a college nearest you email us today at or order the training by correspondence today through the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives website.

For those who may not be familiar with the CNPR Certification or the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps we have included a link where you can see thousands of entry level CNPR reps know work as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and only after completing their CNPR Certification training.   The companies they work at include;  Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Allergan,  Publicis, Amarin, PDI, Bayer, Sanofi, Collegium Pharmaceuical, Janssen Biotech, Novartis, Kowa Pharmaceuticals,  Quintiles, IQVIA, Syneos Health, Teva, Avanir, Lupin, US Pharmaceutical, Avella, Salix, GSK, Sunovion, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, Duchesnay, Celgene, Ambry Genetics, Vertical Pharmaceuticals, Shire, Genzyme and so many more.  In fact, we challenge anyone to find a pharmaceutical company where you will not find CNPR Certified Pharmaceutical Sales Reps at.   You can click below to find such reps on LINKEDIN (make sure you are logged into LINKEDIN)


We encourage you to look at their profiles and look at the date they got their CNPR and when they started in their first job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.   You will see for many it was only a few weeks or months after completion.

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