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“Overall a wonderful experience and probably the most interesting book I studied since school. Thanks for all the help and support. You guys rock”
Pierre Santosuosso - CNPR
Now working as a Sales Representative at Ethicon.Inc

Total Happy

Total Package - $268

  • 18th Edition Pharmaceutical Sales Manual
  • CNPR Examination
  • NAPSRx Career Center
  • NAPSRx Membership (1 Year)
  • Quizzes


“I am a registered nurse who has been in home infusion sales for over 10 years and presently a district sales manager. I thought that this certification was not needed and I already knew the material. I was very wrong and learned so much. I am very thankful that I took the time to study the material and feel very proud to now have the certification!”

Stacey Cooke - CNPR
Now a District Sales Manager at BioScript

Premium Happy

Premium Package - $398

  • 18th Edition Pharmaceutical Sales Manual
  • CNPR Examination
  • NAPSRx Career Center
  • NAPSRx Membership (1 Year)
  • Quizzes
  • List of over 1700 Talent Acquisition and H.R Professionals Social Media Profiles
  • Quick Resume Review
  • Quick Cover Letter Review


“The exam was very thorough and requires that you diligently read, study, and apply the course material. The training makes me feel very confident that I will get a pharmaceutical sales position."

Kelly Avaltroni - CNPR
Now working as a Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist at AstraZeneca



Exam Retake


CNPR Examination Retake.


  • Shipping Cost: $11.00.
  • Examination Packet Orders: The test is not shipped out to you. You may register for the test anytime online after purchase.
  • Test Retakes/Failed Exams: A student is allowed to retake the CNPR Examination after a 2 week waiting period. The cost to retake the exam is $39.00.



 “I'm proud to be certified CNPR by your esteemed organization. CNPR certificate helped me in 2 ways:

  1. The valuable education and final exam gave me a great introduction into the pharmaceutical industry. I got my feet wet and gave me the confidence during my interviews with the knowledge I gained from the book you provided.
  2. The certificate on the resume is priceless because it opens doors to dialogue with recruiters and HR staff.

I strongly recommend any professional to get the CNPR certificate whether they're novice or experienced."

Waleed Aldameth -  CNPR 
Now working as a Biotech Specialty Sales Representative at Omeros Corporation

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