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Social Media is a great way to broaden connections in Pharmaceutical industry and getting a better understanding of the Healthcare/Pharma world. You should certainly consider following the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Reps on our Social Media accounts to get job search tips, pharmaceutical company hiring notices, industry news, and so much more!

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How Social Media can help Pharmaceutical Sales Rep job candidates?

Social Media is becoming such an important intermediary for interaction between job applicants and hiring companies. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep job candidates can learn and appreciate different perspectives and to better understand the pharmaceutical companies who are hiring as well as find job openings. With so many ideas shared across a number of platforms, they can discover areas of interest and use the platforms in a job search capacity.

Social media removes the boundaries of meeting and maintaining people and forming bonds beyond geography. It can open up opportunities to offer support to friends and family that may be experiencing a particular issue. On the flip side for some young people, it can be a place where they can seek support if they are going through something that they cannot talk to those close to them about.

Ninety Three percent (93%) of recruiters use LinkedIn to research and recruit Pharmaceutical Sales Rep candidates. LinkedIn allows you to have an online personal brand which makes you visible to key decision makers and recruiters. This means when your name with your CNPR Certification is put into a search engine such as google, you have an online personal brand and you are appearing in search results. It’s for this reason you need to make sure you treat your LinkedIn profile in a similar way to your resume and you ensure what is on the profile is selling you in the best way possible.

Having a LinkedIn profile helps build trust with employers and recruiters as they can see your recommendations and connections and evidence of where you have added value.

LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for researching organizations and people that work at them. You can use this to target people within your network that work for organizations that you really want to work for.

A great way to start is to FOLLOW the CNPR Certification and the NAPSRX on our Social Media sites.


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