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National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Information

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives is focused on entry level candidates, pharmaceutical sales reps, sales managers and sales trainers who work in the pharmaceutical industry.  The association assists Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives and provides Pharmaceutical Sales Education to its members as well as candidates who look to enter a pharmaceutical sales career. The association is widely known for its CNPR Certification - Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program which provides vocational education for individuals looking to enter a pharmaceutical sales career. It is important for aspiring pharmaceutical sales applicants to include their CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training on their resume to show industry professionals you have acquired vocational training.

The CNPR Certification Pharmaceutical Sales Program provides industry vocational training, such as: product/industry knowledge; selling guidelines and regulations; medical terminology; pharmaceutical selling techniques; drug sampling; physician detailing; introduction to pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. The CNPR Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program is available by correspondence directly through the association or can also be taken at scores of universities/colleges in the United States.

National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives Mission Statement:

  • CURRENT PHARMACEUTICAL REPS – The association through its members area provides industry news, medical journal updates, recent clinical research, convention listings, conference announcements, career center access, and job listings.
  • CANDIDATES WHO WANT TO BREAK INTO PHARMACEUTICAL SALES – The association educates applicants who want to enter a career in pharmaceutical sales through its CNPR Certification Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program. The CNPR Program trains entry level Pharmaceutical Sales candidates which provides applicants with the necessary pharmaceutical, medical and science background that pharmaceutical companies look for from entry level applicants. The association also maintains an online Career Center for entry level candidates where they can find openings with companies hiring individuals with no prior pharmaceutical sales experience.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES - The association provides a network resource to pharmaceutical companies when seeking to hire for pharmaceutical sales rep positions. The association can email job notices plus list job openings to our CNPR trained applicants and to thousands of experienced pharmaceutical sales rep members. A long list of pharmaceutical companies have utilized the association's when they look to add to their sales force.  Contact us if your company is seeking to hire for pharmaceutical sales.   Email  
  • PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVE MAGAZINE - Pharmaceutical Executive is the only magazine targeting pharmaceutical reps. With a circulation of more than 15,000, Pharmaceutical Executive is a leading industry magazine that delivers industry news directly to sales representatives, managers, and trainers at many leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • INDUSTRY NETWORKING - In response to some media reports about the role of pharmaceutical sales reps in the healthcare marketplace, the association has decided to take steps to better educate the public about the role of pharmaceutical sales representatives in the healthcare arena. We have already begun this effort with the following actions: (1) Placement of opinion pieces or editorials in newspapers around the country; (2) Establishment of a pharmaceutical sales rep network (3) Working with numerous pharmaceutical reps to contact their legislature if new bills are introduced; (4) Inform field reps about sensitive issues concerning growth of pharmaceutical sales.

It is important that Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives stay current with FDA regulations, pharmaceutical legal issues, all new clinical research, understand the pharmacodynamics of your and your competitor's products, as well as business and related practices. 

The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives -  CNPR Certification - Pharmaceutical Sales Entry Level Training Program has been referred by experienced pharmaceutical sales reps to many individuals who are looking to break into the pharmaceutical sales. The program educates aspiring pharmaceutical sales reps on clinical pharmacology, medical terminology, rules and regulations for selling pharmaceuticals, pharmacokinetics, etc. Successful graduates of the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales program will have access to our Career Center where pharmaceutical companies post openings for our members and graduates. If you are looking to gain entry into the industry, the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives is the place to start.    If you have any questions just email us at

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